Customer service - a defect in a technical society

15 October 2008

6pm - 8.00pm including questions.

Westminster Business School, Marylebone Road, London (opposite Baker Street Station, and Mme Tussauds). Room: HRM215. Directions from Security.

Professor Roger James, Director of Information Systems, University of Westminster

Free. Tea/Coffee/Biscuits available.

The genius of Google is you get a first rate technical experience with zero support [ie no customer service department]. Their whole business model is service free - relying instead on great technology, building and maintaining user competence and an ethos of self help.

As a trivial but pertinent example there are approx 3500 books on Microsoft Office and 5 on Google apps - yet google apps offers substantially the useful elements of office. Should we consider this 'inbalance' a defect in Microsoft Office and should we anticipate a campaign on service quality akin to the six sigma product quality initiative over the last 20 years. Can one argue that technology is finally becoming sufficiently mature and ubiquitous to imagine this happening?

All welcome! Especially PG students.

Registration required - please email Elayne on - places limited.