Software support for disabled users

11 November 2008

AbilityNet Logo AbilityNet, the charity which BCS is a corporate trustee, has released two low-cost collections of software for disabled people wanting to use technology.

This collection offers a huge range of open source and freeware solutions to meet the needs of disabled people wanting to use a computer. A range of needs are catered for including tools for the blind, for people with dyslexia, and those with physical disabilities. The collection offers organisations and individuals with crucial starting points to add access functionality to windows beyond those features built into the operating system.
Solutions include NVDA and Thunder Screenreaders, Virtual Magnifying glass, Vu-Bar, Screen, all of which have been tried and tested by many users in the home as well as in schools, colleges, learning centres and offices.

Many disabled children are unable to take part in computer gaming, an experience that is a part of the experience of the majority of their peers. To overcome this AbilityNet has created AccessFun, a USB memory stick containing games, music, utilities and storybooks for disabled young people. The device offers over 50 applications to entertain and amuse kids of any ability.

Amongst  the collection are arcade games for single switch users, games for the blind, animated stories and single switch activated songs. The collection draws upon the very best of what is available on the web and makes it easily accessible through a menu system. Whilst not all resources will work on all computers or with all switch interfaces there really is something for everyone here. AccessFun costs £16.99 inc. VAT.