Rails for PHP Developers

Derek DeVries, Mike Naberezny

Publisher Pragmatic Bookshelf
ISBN 978-934356-04-3
RRP £22.99
Reviewed by Peter Daly CEng MBCS CITP
Score 10 out of 10

Rails for PHP Developers This book does exactly what it says on the front: it gives a comprehensive overview of Rails from the perspective of the seasoned PHP developer and it does it very, very well.

There is no attempt to convert you from PHP to Rails (that is left for you to decide) but it uses examples to show how web functionality is implemented in PHP and how the same can be achieved in Rails. Indeed, the authors still produce both PHP and Rails code in their own projects.

It does concentrate on PHP 5, which is where the O-O really started to bite, so those still using PHP 4 may find it more challenging but it's worth the effort. If you plan to try a serious project in Rails, then Chapter 11 will be where you spend most of your time since it contains a really good PHP to Ruby basics reference.

Overall it's well written, with plenty of examples to reinforce the salient points, and makes enjoyable and easy reading. If you want to know what all the fuss about Rails is or even if you are just curious about how Rails differs from PHP then this book is for you.

Further information: Pragmatic Bookshelf

February 2009