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Approved courseware material available for this provider:

Internet, Syllabus 5 Courseware, ECDL Essentials, ECDL Extra, Office 2003, Office 2007 and Office 2010.

Approved testing material available from this provider:

Internet, Syllabus 5.0 Testing, ECDL Essentials, ECDL Extra, Unit E, Office 2003, Office 2007 and Office 2010 Versions & Improving productivity. Diagnostic assessments available.

ECDL Advanced Syllabus 2.0 Office 2003, Office 2007 and Office 2010. Diagnostic assessments available.

Syllabus Versions
ECDL Adv V2.0 N N Y


PSI is one of the largest, privately owned learning technologies businesses. We are the leading provider of business change solutions and European / International Computer Driving Licence (ECDL/ICDL) courseware and online testing.

Our European/International Computer Driving Licence testing platform is one of the most widely used in the industry, with customers in over 20 countries and approaching a million tests delivered every year. The platform provides:

  • In-application testing
  • Online diagnostics and administration
  • ECDL Core Syllabus 5.0 and Advanced Syllabus 2.0 certification
  • E-learning courseware

The company’s products and services are all about achieving demonstrable results; through the management and delivery of highly effective learning content, through robust assessment and certification processes, and through the provision of in-process support in the workplace. So its customers benefit from real improvements in knowledge and skills over a much broader learning life-cycle.

Our customers are drawn from the UK, mainland Europe and beyond, and comprise blue-chip organisations from all sectors including banking, accounting and legal services, healthcare, central and local government, utilities and manufacturing. We have offices near Cambridge and Oxford in the UK, as well as in Stockholm and Umeå in Sweden.

Style of learning

Fully online: both e-learning + testing

Types of materials

The PSI platform gives you access to a comprehensive solution including approved certification tests, diagnostic tests and e-learning content.

  • E-learning courseware

    To complement our testing products, we have a suite of e-learning courseware covering both MS Office 2003 and 2007, in English language and totally focused on the Core Syllabus. This courseware can transform your IT applications training.

    You can deliver ECDL / ICDL training in the most efficient manner, whilst still guaranteeing quality; whether you’re an existing Test Centre, where offering content could provide a valuable new revenue stream, or a new training centre, college, university or business.

    It offers a totally scalable solution where students can learn anywhere, at any time and at their own pace, using effective and engaging content.
  • Online diagnostics

    ECDL/ICDL is a broad syllabus, so in order to improve the quality and effectiveness of what can be an extensive training program, we recommend the use of our diagnostic tests.

    These online tests have a detailed "Results Page" that provides extensive feedback to the candidates on all incorrectly answered questions, including a suggested solution for each, which significantly enhances the learning effect of these tests.

    Diagnostic tests ensure that candidates are better prepared for the certification tests; first-time pass rates are improved which leads to more motivated candidates.

    We provide a full modular range of tests, which are also ideal for pre-training and post-training assessment.
  • ECDL Core Syllabus 5.0 and Advanced Syllabus 2.0 certification

    Our online platform and certification tests are designed specifically for accredited ECDL / ICDL Test Centres and meet the needs of both the individual centre, and the broader organisation.

    We have approved tests for both Core Syllabus 5.0 and Advanced Syllabus 2.0. Candidates find the test-taking process simple, because our web-based application is highly intuitive and requires minimal preparation. Tests are marked automatically and candidates receive their results on-screen straight away.

    The benefits to the Test Centre are considerable; as well as the obvious savings in time and resources by removing manual marking, the use of automated tests eliminates the risk of subjectivity in the marking process and errors resulting from the manual keying of results.
  • In-application tests

    It is commonly accepted that knowledge and skills are best measured in an environment that is as near as possible to real-life. That’s why we developed our new "In-Application" questions, which break down entirely the boundaries between the test and work environments, and represent a major advance in testing effectiveness.

    They allow candidates to carry out activities within the live application itself, whether that’s Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Access, and the system then automatically judges whether they have achieved the required outcome. This immediately overcomes the limitations of questions based upon simulations or multiple-choice, and allows candidates to show their true knowledge and skills.
  • Administration

    Easy to manage, powerful enough for all your management needs, secure, and capable of handling thousands of tests with ease. But, perhaps most importantly, it is far more accurate and efficient than manual methods.

    By adopting a hosted, web-based platform, we are able to store all the test data securely in a central database. That means that there is no manual transferring of data and Test Centre managers have instant access to all the results data they need.

    Powerful reporting tools give you greatly enhanced visibility and tracking, and administrative effort is reduced still further because all results are automatically made available to your local ECDL / ICDL operator.