CMDB Implementation & Integration (People & Process)

Tuesday 25th September 2007.

Venue: BCS London Offices (PDF)

1. Case Study - CMDB Implementation & Integration (People & Process)

Paul Dixon, LloydsTSB

Implementing a CMDB to cover the critical systems and services in a retail bank requires a wide combination of skills and management support. Building the CMDB is one issue, but the more difficult job is maintaining it and ensuring it is used, which the focus of Paul's presentation to the SMSG group.

Having seen Paul present previously, members can look forward to an informative, humorous session covering the realities of service management in a large enterprise.

2. AGM - To confirm the SMSG Committee and events for 2007/8

Brief report by the committee on the past year activities Re-election of SMSG committee (vacancies due to existing committee members stepping down).

If any SMSG members wish to put themselves forward for election to the committee at the AGM.


The SMSG Group provides an affordable, informal forum for all BCS Members and Service Management practitioners to discuss service management: benefits, issues, innovation, best practice, products and experiences, and acts as a resource for personal and professional development within the service management community.