Multisourcing - Holy Grail or Poisoned Chalice?

Tuesday 25th November 2008.

Venue: BCS London Offices (PDF)

Update 24/11/08 - Event now cancelled due to unforseen circumstances.

Many organisations today are adopting Multisourcing; their objective is to work with best of breed providers, spread their risks by avoiding lock-in to a single supplier and at the same time realise IT cost reduction. Multisourcing is more complex than 1st generation outsourcing, where contracts were typically assigned to a single prime supplier. A new approach is required for end to end governance and performance management that will allow organisations to realise their objectives and provide a sustainable basis for their evolving sourcing strategies. As yet there are no industry standards for Multisourcing to provide guidance, and there are many potential pitfalls….

This talk sets out risks and challenges that accompany Multisourcing, and proposes an incremental and structured approach to achieve the intended level of service performance and the planned financial outcome

Presenter; Charlotte Newton. Charlotte is an IT services consultant who spent 20 years in IT/IS management in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Following 2 years in IBM’s business consultancy division, she joined IBM’s Strategic Outsourcing Innovation team, where she developed methods to improve governance of multisourcing and deliver greater business value from IT services. Currently Charlotte is leading the deployment of a business and IT focused joint innovation partnership between IBM and a major pharmaceutical client.

We are currently compiling our 2009 programme and will look to reschedule this event in 2009. Once again thank-you all for your continued support.