A Piloting Handbook: The Lonely Planet Guide to IT Management Frameworks

Monday 23rd February 2009.

Venue: BCS London Offices (PDF)

- Are you lost amongst the acronyms by which the plethora of IT Management frameworks, standards and models are known?
- Would you like to be able to present the basic capabilities of each, and compare and contrast them?
- Can you respond confidently and knowledgeably when a single issue zealot promotes their topic at the expense of a balanced view?

We are all bombarded with messages from analysts, subscription services and the IT media about a myriad of approaches we should follow. COBIT, BASEL II, ITIL®, eSQC, CMMi, eTOM - the list goes on......

At the minimum, you need to know what the acronym stands for and have an idea of the content. The next step is to understand the importance of each framework, and how it provides value. You become a seasoned traveller when you can explain how they interact. By attending this session, you will begin your own personal journey in the crowded IT Management space! Presenter; Chris Finden-browne. Chris is a Distinguished Engineer and consultant in IBM Global Services where he specialises in ITSM processes and improvement methods. He has been a member of the team producing and maintaining IBM's models for IT processes since the early '90s.

Chris Finden-Browne's presentation.