Problem Management - Making a Difference to Stability

Monday 22 March 2010. Registration & refreshments at 18:00 with talks commencing at 18:30. Finishing around 20:00 followed by wine, finger food and informal networking.

Venue: BCS London Offices (PDF)

Michael Hall, Global Head of Problem Management, Deutsche Bank

Problem Management is one of those things that everybody “knows” how to do (“we solve problems all the time”). However, when you get right down to it, hardly anybody understands what it really is and how it can best be structured for success (including us when we started on this journey).

Through a combination of a carefully structured process design and a (wildly) optimistic implementation plan - which included adequate training for everyone involved and an (almost) successful communication plan – over 18 months we managed to make a significant difference in the number of critical incidents impacting the business operations: a sixty percent reduction year on year.

About Michael:

Currently the global head of problem management for Deutsche Bank based in London, over the last twelve years Michael Hall has held leadership roles in IT infrastructure at Deutsche Bank Australia / New Zealand. He has a background in vendor management and outsourcing (both as a supplier and a consumer) as well as general IT management, project management, software development and support, and customer services. His first job in IT was a network support specialist, which consisted of pushing a stainless steel trolley around loaded with dumb terminals, swapping out dead ones with replacements. It was more fun that it sounds!

Problem Management - Making a Difference to Stability (WMA - 12.4Mb)