Educational Affiliate

Educational Affiliate is for Higher Education Institutions running programmes accredited by BCS.

Licensed by the Engineering Council and the Science Council, BCS undertakes a programme of visits to Universities and other Higher Education Institutions to review and accredit computing programmes.

To find out more about BCS accreditation of computing related programmes please visit our Higher Education section.

The benefits

Once accredited your programmes will be added to the BCS listing of accredited courses, the Engineering Council’s accreditation database and will be notified to the Science Council. As an Educational Affiliate your Institution is able to use a designated logo in the promotion of these accredited programmes.

You will also be able to nominate up to five employees to become BCS Affiliates from your Institution, giving them access to a range of exclusive services and benefits.

Further information

For further information about this grade of BCS membership, including fees and how to apply contact