Service Management - Service Design, instrumentation and monitoring

Monday 17 January 2011
Registration & refreshments at 6.00pm with talks commencing at 6.30pm. Finishing around 8.00pm followed by wine, finger food and informal networking.

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Ian Johnston and Dr John Palmer

Cost to attend:
BCS Members: Free to attend
Non-Members: £15.00 (excl. VAT)


The theme of this presentation is the challenge for effective Service Level Management (SLM) with the increasing demands from enterprise application architectures.  Pressures include:

  • Rapid application development lifecycles with Agile and Extreme Programming techniques creating greater demand and uncertainty with the delivery of IT services
  • Service Orientated Architectures (SOA) and the spaghetti created by multiple, reusable application components across a diversity of operating systems and virtualised environments
  • Networks and infrastructure elements e.g. storage technologies, COTS software products, etc.  all add to this complexity.

Classic SLM with customer SLAs aligned to OLAs and underpinning contracts becomes an aspiration rarely achieved, against a background of the perennial cycle of service failures, repeated & undiagnosed problems,  service improvement projects and the pressure to invest in new monitoring tools.

Ian and John discuss their experience of the past 20 years in BT with managing applications and E2E transaction monitoring.  They have an innovative alternative approach: a simple standard for instrumenting applications with built-in operations automation for common support processes to deliver true and enduring SLM for the business.

About Ian and John:
Ian Johnston CEng and Dr John Palmer are both long term members of BCS, accredited Managers in ITIL Infrastructure and Service Management.  They have provided and hosted a number of events for the BCS Kingston & Croydon culminating in a recent presentation on Managing the Enterprise Architecture.

They have worked for BT from the early 1990s, designing and building the networks and application middleware connecting BT’s legacy systems with new IT services developed on open systems and networks.  This early experience provided a vision of the future challenges of monitoring applications and managing complex systems.

Ian and John have led the development of all BT’s application and IT service monitoring requirements for nearly 20 years.  This has included resisting the pressures to buy new tools at every change of technology or service improvement opportunity!   

They have developed a structured approach for service designers to implement true E2E management, now applied across 80 major systems monitoring 120 million transactions per day in BT.  Their experience covers a full 360° degree view of managing IT Services including operational and support processes, existing monitoring tools, and the relationships between business and IT service management.
Target Audience:

  • Application, Infrastructure and Enterprise IT Architects
  • Managers of Service, Infrastructure and Operations

Presentation (PDF)