Diversity in Learning

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Tuesday 5 April 2011, 6.00pm - 8.30pm

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Presented by Bert De Coutere of IBM.

Last year IBM unleashed the QuickGame Diversity@Play on its workforce.  It offers employees a simulated environment with real life diversity issues to stimulate awareness and action. The game showcases how immersive simulations add value to today's learning blend. No other learning activity could have made our employees experience and appreciate our diversity values in such a concrete, pragmatic and real life like way. The game featured as learning of the month and got a finalist place in this year's IITT awards.

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace are high on the agenda of IBM, and have always been part of its 100 year old corporate culture. For example, IBM was the first company in the USA to hire a black sales person or a female sales person. IBM sees an inclusive workplace as important as ever in today's global corporate climate, and not just for legal compliance or social responsibility reasons, or to win numerous awards. IBM believes that it is a vital business imperative, and calls that Diversity 3.0.
During the session, we will go over the game, how it was made, its underlying design principles, and its impact.
“All talent matters, but sometimes our habits prevent others from contributing optimally. Try the IBM diversity simulator and find out your 'colour' in the rainbow of inclusive behaviour.”
– Welcome message from IBM’s Diversity@Play 3D role play game.

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