eHealth Technologies Two-day Sandpit Event

Day 1: Tuesday 24 May 2011
Day 2: Tuesday 31 May 2011

Civil and Computational Lecture Room, Swansea University


We are pleased to invite you to the first eHealth Technologies Sandpit Event taking place on Tuesday 24 and 31 May 2011 at Swansea University.

The objectives of the eHealth Technologies Sandpit are to:

  • develop productive network relationships between participants from Universities, the NHS and businesses;
  • initiate and foster collaborative partnership working between different academic disciplines and industry sectors; and
  • generate well-founded, feasible ideas for new health products and services, and areas for further research, which can be taken forward for development.

The eHealth Technologies Sandpit will benefit participants from:

NHS staff that have workplace challenges that could be solved by the innovative used of IT or have great ideas for new health informatics products they would like to see taken forward.

Companies that are interested in developing new products or services for use in healthcare, or finding new applications for their existing product portfolio.

Academic Researchers
Researchers who have relevant expertise or understanding and who wish to become involved in innovative commercially-focused R&D.

The structure:

This is a two day event with day two occurring one week after day one. Day one would be for a larger group, and day two for a smaller group of up to half the size. The participants for the second day would be chosen on the basis of which people wanted to work on the most promising ideas for new products/ services/ areas of research that emerged from day one.

The activities involved

Day One - 24 May

  • kick starting the network relationships between the participants.
  • identifying their prior experience of, and views about, collaborative inter-disciplinary working.
  • a discussion of what the most important user needs are that need to be tackled and what are the most important current trends (technological or otherwise) in the field of ehealth.
  • a "mini innovation lab" that would aim to generate as many ideas as possible from each of a series of sub-groups for new product/ service/ research ideas that the whole group would then vote upon to choose the most promising six (or so) to be taken forward to day two.
  • preparation for day two - looking at potential impact, required resources, people who should be involved for each of the chosen ideas to take it forward in the week before day two.

Day Two - 31 May

  • Drawing up an implementation plan for each of the ideas chosen on day one. This would establish the long term vision and also specific goals for 12 months forward and what is intended to have been achieved by then.
  • Clarifying who the stakeholders are in each idea and what the relationships between them should be, where ownership of the idea and its development will reside, and how it will be managed.
  • Establishing resources (funding, expertise, facilities etc) each idea will need and when, in order for it to be taken forward successfully.
  • Identifying the most important specific next steps to take each idea forward.

The eHealth Industries Innovation (ehi2) Centre is a business-facing centre for the ehealth industries, supporting the ehealth sector in Wales, commissioned by the Welsh Assembly Government’s Academic Expertise for Business (A4B) programme.

ehi2 works with companies in creating new, innovative ehealth products and services with global market potential, and provides businesses opportunities to test, adapt, improve and evaluate ehealth products and services in a safe and reliable environment to maximise their competitive advantage.

A key aspect of our work is to link with clinicians, healthcare professionals and NHS organisations, academia to identify needs for new products and services, and to test the validity of proposed new solutions with their intended target audience.

The event will be facilitated by Sandbox, based at the University of Central Lancashire:

"Sandbox is a venture set up by the University of Central Lancashire and specialises in creative facilitation using a range of innovative technological tools they have developed themselves, as well as more traditional facilitation methods. They emphasise serious fun for serious results: their workshops are designed to be enjoyable and lively whilst delivering tangible value and results for their clients. They have worked with a number of universities to help them develop inter-disciplinary and collaborative research methods; and have run product and service innovation workshops and programmes for clients in the NHS and the digital media sector among others. They are experienced in creating a working environment in which people from different disciplines and organisations can come together to explore new ideas and exchange knowledge in an open way for the benefit of all."

We welcome expressions of interest for this ehi2 Sandpit Event! Please email if you wish to participate.

Further details will be circulated shortly. Please refer to Code of Conduct (PDF) to understand how ehi2 engage with organisations.