The Chartered IT Professional Standard

The standard for Chartered IT Professionals is set and maintained by BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT.

On application individuals wishing to register as a Chartered IT Professional must be:

  • employed using skills defined by BCS as within the scope of the IT Profession1; and
  • be working in a complex role or multiple roles, requiring underpinning knowledge and competence.

To be included in the register of Chartered IT Professionals an individual must also:

  • be a member of a professional body licenced by BCS to award Chartered IT Professional status and have agreed to abide by the body’s code of conduct which is subject to disciplinary procedures; and
  • undertake to maintain and develop their knowledge and skills in the IT profession by keeping a record of professional development.

Registration validates:

  1. Knowledge and experience gained through formal and informal education and training and the ability to apply fundamental principles in a wide and often unpredictable range of contexts;
  2. The ability to perform an extensive range and variety of complex technical and/or professional work activities;
  3. A breadth of knowledge of IT that has been evidenced through a method approved by BCS that allows individuals to communicate and work with specialists across the IT profession;
  4. The registrant’s ability to understand and appreciate the relationship between their own discipline and wider customer/organisational requirements; and
  5. The leadership qualities to influence and build appropriate and effective business relationships that promote collaboration between stakeholders who have diverse objectives.

Identification of a Chartered IT Professional

A Chartered IT Professional is entitled to use the post nominal letters ‘CITP’ so long as they:

  • remain in membership of a professional body licenced to award CITP status and they undertake to abide by a Code of Conduct enforceable through disciplinary procedures.

Chartered IT Professionals are listed on a register maintained by BCS.

How to Register

All applications for registration must be made to a body licensed by BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT to award Chartered IT Professional status and enter registrants on to the register maintained and published by BCS.

For details of the criteria for assessment of competence and information on maintaining registration as a Chartered IT Professional and evidencing current competence please go to the full definition of the standard here.

1 Exploiting IT for business benefit in any context demonstrated by using skills included in a recognised skills framework such as the Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA or the European Competence Framework (e-CF