Getting tech into TV land

Monday 21 November 2011

6.00pm for 6.30pm

Southampton Solent University, Herbert Collins Building, Room HC 021 | Map

Ian Hughes, Chair of the BCS Animation and Games Development SG.

Free of charge

Joint event with the Hampshire Branch, Animation and Games Development SG and Southampton Solent University.

Ian Hughes/Epredator will share some tales from recording 3 series of The Cool Stuff Collective kids ITV show and how the Future Tech elements in the show, whilst aimed at 7-12 year olds, actually thread together to get more people into STEM subjects through participation with open source and maker culture. From Metaverses to 3d printing, Arduino to Hydrogen Fuel cells and with the odd Saturday morning custard pie there is a lot of cool technology out there. When it is all put together it shows us a path to an exciting future.

Ian Hughes is the Chair of the newly formed BCS Animation and Games Development SG,Ian Hughes is the Director of Feeding Edge Ltd a company he formed recently, having spent 20 years in IBM in emerging technologies, credited, as a Metaverse Evangelist, having brought big business into virtual worlds from 2006 onwards, including creating the Wimbledon Championships as a virtual world experience. Ian Hughes is a recognized public speaker, blogger and social media activist, and shares his experiences of the growing virtual worlds industry, the use of game principles, the changes in culture, personal experiences of challenging the status quo, also has participated in many TV and press interviews and numerous publications. Ian Hughes is a visiting lecturer to MBA's on entrepreneurship with US universities via Second Life.

As a software engineer, he is still hands on with development, working with academia on training applications in the medical sector using game technology. Ian is developing a game experience backed by a US patent which he filed in 2009 crossing all virtual worlds and social media platforms, powered by open source. Ian Hughes led set of games industry and academia workshops in association with The Virtual Policy Network for DotGovLabs, to assist government in understanding how games, game design and current thinking can help with interact with citizens.

This event will follow the Animation and Games Development SG AGM.