Health Data Management : Transformation through Migration

Tuesday 26 November 2013

BCS London, 1st Floor, The Davidson Building, 5 Southampton Street, London, WC2E 7HA | Maps

Free to attend for BCS and Non-BCS Members.

Mr Stephen (Steve) Higgins of CSC : Architecture Management Office Lead Data Migration Architect

In brief, Steve has worked for CSC for seven years as a Data/Information & Solutions Architect. During this time, along with other roles, he has been responsible for designing and managing the development of all of the CSC Data Migration solutions that are used today to manage NHS migrations to the CSC Strategic Healthcare Solution (LORENZO). Prior to joining CSC he held several other positions including working for Nat West Mortgage Services as their Database Administration Group Manager and for Microsoft as a SQL Server Developer.


  •      Introducing LORENZO, CSC’s Strategic Healthcare Solution
         A simple overview of CSC’s Healthcare Solution

  • CASE Study (PART A) : Healthcare Data Migration - The Considerations, Challenges, Solutions and Lessons Learned in transitioning to a new multi-campus Healthcare Solution
    • Client Engagement : Understand the Requirements beforehand
    • Understanding the Data through Analysis
    • The importance of Business Rules
    • Reference Data Translations and the Management of Localised and National Datasets
    • Error Detection, Data Quality Assessment and the Data Correction Process : Source or Meta-Data ?
    • A Typical Data Migration Operating Model
    • Data Availability ( Anonymised, Pseudonymised, Synthetic, Masking)
    • The CSC ETL Solutions to support multi-campus
  • CASE Study (PART B) : Validation As A Service
    • A High Level Technical Overview of CSC’s Validation As A Service Offering
  • Reporting Services : A Practical Design
    • A Strategy to support End User Adhoc Decision Management Reporting Requirements
  • On The Horizon
    • Health Analytics & Big Data : The next technology step change


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