Technical and Business Debt

Wednesday 30 April 2014

6.00pm - 9.00pm

The Studio, Liverpool Science Park, Building ic1, 131 Mount Pleasant, Liverpool, L3 5TF

Please email Chris Pursglove, if you intend to be present because the Science Park requires a list of attendees for security. Also, it helps us with accommodation and catering.


Technical debt includes all the shortcuts developers, testers etc take to get software out on time. So, for example, the initial release may be buggy and not meet all requirements, later releases become badly structured and hard to maintain.

Technical debt, also known as design or code debt, is present in all companies. It can be thought of as future work which must eventually be carried out if the software is to remain viable (and hence profitable).

Technical debt ultimately leads to longer time to market, higher cost and missed delivery dates. The impact goes beyond the technical area. Business debt is the lack of business agility. It impedes the business’s ability to react to market or regulatory needs. It causes the business to lag behind executives' decision making, possibly to the point of paralysis. Technical and business debt are usually significant factors in software project failure.

So, how can you measure your technical debt ?

How high is your business debt ?

How does this impact your people and your business ?

And, what can you do about it ?

This talk should be of keen interest to software academics and everyone who develops or manages the development of software.

Formerly a VP for Gartner’s Central European practice and Director at BMW, Josef Bacher brings his wealth of experience in Information Technology and knowledge of organisational challenges to bring context to the benefits of Agile and SCRUM.

Josef also brings thought leadership to the Agile space with his work on “The Naked Mind - People, Change and Agile” and “Technical Debt - how to measure and how to repay it!” and is a popular speaker at events (Worldwide Scrum Gathering, Agile Business Conference, Butler Group Briefings, Unicom Agile conferences).

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The talk is free and open to all. Please bring friends and colleagues who may be interested.