Conference Streams

Day 1, Powerhouse 1 - Strategic

Today, the CMDB/CMS is at the core of an organisation’s service management strategy. Service management is the business context in which configuration management captures and maintains knowledge associated with service management functions and processes. The knowledge represents the collective experience and insight of the organisation with respect to customers, contracts, services, configurations and assets. The updated ITIL V3 practices can benefit service provider organisations, vendors and the IT industry as a whole in the 21st Century. However, many vendor offerings are based on proprietary architectures and CMDB solutions that often fail to address the need to control and manage changes across a wide and diverse IT services environment.

This stream offers an opportunity to understand the global trends in configuration management and explore the strategic challenges that service providers and vendors face such as standardisation, demonstrating IT governance, future proofing and managing knowledge across the supply chain. It will appeal to senior managers, strategists, CMDB/CMS solution architects / designers and configuration managers.

Day 1, Powerhouse 2 - Implementations

This stream is targeted towards practitioners who would like to hear about real-life examples with practical hints, typical challenges and guidance for implementing a successful configuration management solution. Key stakeholders are driving the demand for a CMDB/CMS solution as they try to assimilate all the information into views that benefit their role or function. The stream covers configuration management for different types of services, applications and underlying infrastructure. Find out how organisations integrating existing tools, applications and repositories together with better processes. Discover if it is possible to leverage existing investments and realise benefits from a configuration management implementation that will not outweigh the costs.

Day 2, Powerhouse 1 - Configuration Management in Practice

Many businesses maintain a variety of standalone repositories that can lead to a lack of confidence in the information gathered and a lack of communication. The value and importance of configuration management is recognised as a foundation practice that supports the other service management disciplines. In today’s IT environment, being a high, medium or low performer can depend on a service provider’s approach to designing and implementing configuration management.

This stream will focus on case studies and experiences that show how the practices, applications, tools and techniques of configuration management support effective service management. The stream offers an opportunity for designers and practitioners to obtain real advice and guidance on what configuration management solutions work in practice.

Day 2, Powerhouse 2 - Software, Infrastructure and Data Centres

With the introduction of ITIL V3 there is a greater focus on delivering services that deliver real business outcomes whilst delivering the compliance requirements. There are real challenges in managing the IT assets and configurations across a heterogeneous IT environment. This stream is for specialists that are interested in the configuration management of specific types of configuration items including commercial software, applications, networks, storage and data centres. Several sessions are designed for practitioners that want to understand approaches for linking technical configuration information into the CMS and the end to end service view.

Interactive Stream

The Conference includes interactive workshops using decision support tools that guarantee dynamic interaction, rich brainstorming and better discussion between users, practitioners and the vendor community. The knowledge gained from the workshops will create a shared understanding of today’s challenges, industry and vendor strategies to cope with these challenges and future needs.

Successful positioning of CMDB/CMS requires identification of the stakeholders and a clear understanding of the value potential to stakeholders. The workshops will examine how to create a clear business case and what needs to be overcome to implement the CMS/CMDB successfully. Using case studies and shared experiences delegates will debate how to deliver the stakeholder requirements by adopting service asset and configuration management best practices and vendor products/solutions.

An outcome of the interactive stream will be:

  • A documented collective understanding of the VOI/ROI proposition for the CMS/CMDB solution across a range of organisations and stakeholders.
  • A validated set of key barriers and associated strategies to mitigate these.
  • Structured strategies to close the gap between stakeholder needs and vendor offerings.

The document created will be available to participants after the conference.

Software & Open Source Stream

This stream addresses some traditional software configuration management concerns, together with the increasing use of open source solutions by enterprises. Find out how organisations are migrating between tools, successfully deploying open source solutions, and working in multi-tool environments. This stream also covers distributed working, and includes sessions on the latest release of Subversion, and an approach to pragmatically assess IT objectives in a quantitative manner.