BCS ELITE Group conference - How secure do you feel?

Tuesday 16 September 2003

The Royal Society, 6-9 Carlton House Terrace, London


Elite held a one day conference on Tuesday 16 September on the subject of IT Security. Once upon a time this subject was regarded as fairly simple - take some back ups and store them off site in case a disaster befell your business. As we enter the 21st century this is no longer the case. Organisations are now under threat 24 hours a day and the risk of serious financial loss increases by the second.

The speakers at this conference highlighted these new areas of risk and suggested ways of managing your environment that would reduce the exposure of organisations to the possibility of loss or damage as a result of cyber crime.

The keynote speaker from Gartner Group was Nino Moscardini who summarised the wide range of threats that now exist and how organisations are combating them.

Willie List will presented a case study to demonstrate the use of Internet Controls to improve security.

David Spinks from EDS identified how Operational Risk Management may be integrated within the client and supplier organizations in an outsourcing environment. The resulting partnership provides the necessary "win/win" to ensure real business benefits are delivered.

Graham Dowling from the National Hi Tech Crime Unit explained this unit's role in combating serious and organised hi-tech crime

John Stewart from Signify examined the increasing trend towards identity theft and how this could be addressed through identity management processes.

Peter Wood of First Base Technologies used a 'Casebook of the Ethical Hacker' to illustrate examples of real UK corporate hacks and the lessons learned from them.