IT strategy - Increasing knowledge worker productivity

Thursday 3 November 2011

14:00 - 17:00

Park Plaza Hotel, Boar Lane, City Square, Leeds LS1 5NS


Carl Davies is Head of Information Services at Northern Rail, leading a team that supports 1800 users across 300 sites. Passionate about the benefits of IT-driven innovation and change, Carl’s career has evolved from hands on software development, through project management to senior IT management. He has experience across multiple sectors and is an avid proponent of agile, service-driven IT as a driver of competitive advantage. Carl has also lectured in Business Systems at Sheffield Hallam University and still accepts invitations as a Guest Lecturer at Loughborough and Portsmouth Universities.

Alison Freer has 15 years experience in Leadership Development. Much of her work has been with IT leaders and their teams in a wide range of industry sectors for clients including the NHS, Siemens, Granada Learning, Nexus Passenger Transport, Universities and other IT service businesses. Alison combines practical business psychology and leadership development know-how with pragmatic business experience and research. In her current portfolio Alison delivers coaching, education, training and consultancy to CIOs and emerging IT leadership talent, as well as for technology teams and IT service providers.


According to Gartner research published in 2005, a typical “Knowledge Worker” spends over 150 hours per year hunting for lost information. Just multiply that figure by the number of people in your organisation... As the Information Age explodes around us the issue is forced into the limelight and the need for solutions becomes ever more urgent.

IT Leaders are at the epicentre, facing Board level pressure for answers; how do we “capitalise on our knowledge”, “do more with less”, do it “faster than anyone else”, “before anyone else”. Knowledge Worker productivity is a new and crucial business challenge, unique to our time. IT leaders and their teams can take the lead and show the way to a solution, so long as they are equipped to engage others effectively in the process.

This event will help you maximise Knowledge Worker productivity within your business by:

  • Exploring productivity issues that arise within businesses today and the ways you can overcome them
  • Sharing experience from those who have led IT-enabled productivity revolutions
  • Offering practical do’s and don’ts for winning hearts and minds in the quest for productivity

Further information about the event (PDF)