Elite networking event

Thursday 3 March 2011

Guest speaker:

Dr Thomas Docker, Director, CITI Limited

Thomas is widely recognised as an expert in change management and the development of change manager capability. He has worked in or managed civil engineering, engineering, information technology and business projects. After starting his career in civil engineering, where he worked on a number of large projects, Thomas moved into IT, working for a major computer manufacturer before running his own consultancy company and teaching at a university in New Zealand.

He has been in change management for thirty years, specialising in the change vehicles of portfolio, project and programme management. As a founding partner of CITI, Thomas has helped many blue chip and government organisations improve their change management capability through successfully run projects and programmes. 

He served for a number of years on the Association for Project Management’s Executive Board and was a member of BCS’s Management Forum Strategy Panel.


Title of event: Realising the business strategy

Organisations are under continuous pressure to improve their operating models; to become more efficient, while offering better service to customers. This is as true for government and not-for-profit organisations as it is for businesses. Key to achieving this is to have a coherent business strategy and being able to successfully implement the strategy. 

This talk shows how to link a business strategy through portfolios and projects, to deliver outcomes that are aligned to an organisation’s value system. A number of the techniques to be discussed contributed to both Eurostar (2008) and Remploy (2009) winning the Association for Project Management Programme of the Year Award.