VIP event - Breakfast briefing with Bill Gates

Thursday 27 October 2005



A breakfast briefing for BCS Elite with Bill Gates, Chairman of the Board and Chief Software Architect of Microsoft Corporation.

Bill outlined his vision of the future for Microsoft, and what it might mean for Microsoft’s customers. His focus was on helping IT to add value to the businesses it supports, and as such was aimed less at the technical level. Bill presented for about 25 minutes, with an additional 15 minutes for Q&A. Following Bill’s session, the BCS Chief Executive Officer David Clarke spoke to the meeting, updating Elite members on current developments at the BCS, focusing on membership and professionalism initiatives.

To view Bill Gates transcript and David Clarke's presentation follow the links on the BCS homepage to login to the secure area. Only Elite Members will be able to view the transcript on the secure website. Please note that no part of the transcript may be copied and used in any form , it is only there for viewing purposes.