BCS Elite Spring event

Tuesday 28 February 2006

BCS, London


On 28 February approximately fifty senior individuals from industry gathered at BCS in London for the Society’s Elite spring event. The theme of this event was ‘IT in Sport’.

David Rose, information and resources manager at the England and Wales Cricket Board, and David France, head of IT at the Honda racing Formula One team, spoke before the invited audience.

During the course of the evening the audience were immersed in the technology of winning. Both speakers provided a real insight into the technologies employed behind the scenes; technologies which provide a real edge over their teams’ competitors.

The Cricket Board, for example, closely monitors cricketers in training and during matches, recording all their movements and the outcomes of specific activities. Players are then advised on how to reduce risk of injury and how to improve their game based on the findings of motion capture and body-modelling research performed at the National Cricket Board Centre.

In the rapidly evolving world of Formula One motor racing technology is even more critical. Highly mobile and extremely robust, to withstand the rigours of international travel and rapid deployment, IT technology used in this ultra fast sport has to be on the cutting edge and ever reliable, otherwise lives can be lost. David France provided some startling statistics which illustrated just how dependant on IT this high octane sport has become.

Both talks were rounded off by equally enlightening question and answer sessions, and audience members were encouraged to mingle with the speakers and each other, after the formal part of the meeting, during a buffet meal.

David Rose's presentation (PDF)

David France's presentation (PDF)