BCS ELITE Autumn event

Thursday 5 October 2006

BCS, London

Pascal Wattiaux, Technology Director of the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games, and Michael Pincher, IS Director of Cross London Rail Link Ltd (Crossrail)


The London 2012 Games is one of the most major and visible public events taking place in the U.K. over the next decade, calling for one of the largest public investment programs. London won the bid to host the 2012 Games in the face of fierce competition from other countries, and is committed to providing a lasting legacy of improved infrastructure resulting from this.

Apart from the construction of a new Olympic Park in east London with six major venues, an Olympic village and a major media centre, the Olympics will also use twenty other existing sports venues in the U.K (including Wimbledon), all of which will need to be included into a Games infrastructure incorporating security, ticketing, broadcasting, information, and transportation.

In his presentation, Pascal Wattiaux outlined the size and scale of the task, how the effort is being organised, the outline plan, and the role of - and challenges for - technology in helping to deliver the infrastructure and the event itself.

The Underground and National Rail Networks in London are now suffering record levels of congestion, a situation that is set to get worse as forecasts indicate a further growth of employment and residence in the South-East. Options to run more trains over existing tracks are severely limited, as limits of capacity are being reached.

Crossrail is a major program aimed at providing a vital National Rail link between west London (routes into Paddington, including the Heathrow Rail Link), east London (routes into Liverpool Street from Stratford, the Isle of Dogs, and beyond) and central London (Bond Street, Tottenham Court Road, Farringdon). Apart from providing extra capacity, this route will avoid the need for many passengers travelling between east and west London to use the London Underground.

Michael Pincher’s presentation outlined the nature of Crossrail and how the effort is being organised, the status of the program, the essential steps in getting the program fully approved and set up, and the challenges for I.S. in helping to deliver this.

View the presentation (PDF)

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