Delivering ‘Defence in Depth’

How Kent women are achieving compliance in the converging workplace

Thursday 20 January 2011

18:30 start, refreshments available from 18:00.

Room SW101 School of Computing, Building J3, University of Kent, Canterbury, CT2 7NZ


This is a joint event with the BCS Women.

Security and regulatory compliance is no longer the exclusive job of defensive technologies. For organisations, it is a continuous juggling act: it just doesn’t stand still. Managing people, systems and processes requires a holistic and not always technical approach, that covers a seamless delivery of ‘defence in depth’ in an ever converging environment.

You will have the opportunity to meet the women working in Information Assurance who are tasked with delivering good governance every day. Learn about what their key job entails, their strategies for survival in a predominantly male environment and how their employers manage not only to "catch them" but to "keep them".

  • Delivering security at the first layer
  • Governance, Data Protection and Privacy
  • Information security: many messages, one voice
  • Information Security: Enabling your business to take baby steps towards security

 As the first BCS women’s event in Kent, this is a unique opportunity for our local members to meet, network and exchange ideas with other women.

For information security professionals, we offer an exciting panel of speakers who are able to share their experiences and ideas in an informal environment.


  • Rosa Willis, UK Security Manager / Head of Physical Security & DfE Security Manager (Capgemini)
  • Debbie Hoare, Head of Governance (ECK PCT)
  • Victoria Guilloit, Global Information Security Manager (Unilever)
  • Soraya Viloria Montes de Oca, CISSP, CCSP, IT & Information Security Manager (GeekChickUK)