Which project management methodology? A guide for the perplexed

Wednesday 6 May 2015

BCS, 1st Floor, the Davidson Building, 5 Southampton Street, London, WC2E 7HA

6.00pm for 6.30pm start.

Free to attend for both BCS Members and non-members.


Bob Hughes


PRINCE2®, MSP®, Waterfall, Spiral, Incremental, Extreme, DSDM® Atern ®, Scrum®, Lean, CMMI®, Critical Chain, Software Product Lines etc., etc. Some of these you may recognise; some you may actually understand; but if you find it all a bit confusing, then this presentation is for you. The event is designed as much for the IT practitioners at the front line of system development who are not project managers, as for those who are involved in project management. (In any case, the line between developer and manager is often blurred).

Part of the problem is that different methods relate to different aspects of a project and its management, so we need to look at this. Rather than getting bogged down in the details of each method - although a bit of detail can be useful now and then - we will focus on what different approaches try to achieve and the potential advantages and challenges are associated with them. It is hoped to draw some general lessons from this exploration of methods which will be of use regardless of the approach to project organisation adopted. It is likely that some in the audience will have experience of some approaches, but not others, so there should be an opportunity for practitioners to exchange experiences.


Bob entered the IT industry as a computer programmer in the Post Office. He subsequently worked on IT projects, at different levels of responsibility, in the local government and energy sectors before becoming the head of the Information Systems Group at what was then Middlesex Polytechnic. In recent years he worked at the University of Brighton specialising in project management and IT business strategy. His research focused on software effort estimation and involved extensive data collection within companies such as Ericsson and Royal Sun Alliance.

With Mike Cotterell he wrote the textbook Software Project Management, published by McGraw-Hill and currently in its 5th edition with special Chinese and Indian editions. He is IT Project Management subject moderator for the BCS Higher Education examinations and an examiner in IT project strategy for the IMIS. He edited and contributed to the BCS publication Project Management for IT-related Projects and authored Exploiting IT for Business Benefit, also published by the BCS. Bob is the BCS representative on the British Standards Institute Committee responsible for project and programme management standards.


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