DevOps explained: From Theory to Success…

Thursday 25 June 2015

1.45pm - 5.00pm

Park Plaza Hotel, Boar Lane, City Square, Leeds, LS1 5NS | Map


It seems everyone is talking about DevOps these days. Around six years after the term was first coined, practices; both technical and cultural, have evolved considerably. With this level of change, and considerable hype, it’s easy to lose sight of the fundamentals...

The underlying concepts behind DevOps have existed for many years in the computing industry, but only recently has their adoption moved from special-purpose computing into mainstream recognition that their application is a key factor in project success.

BJSS will open the event by delivering an overview of their definition of DevOps and then discussing how applying the principles helps deliver successful projects.

Ian Watson, DevOps System Build Lead at Callcredit Information Group will present on the journey the business has taken over the first year of transforming a 1200 strong company to a DevOps way of working, with some very specific challenges around the technology stack, scale of the company and the fact that Callcredit are a data-centric business. Ian will highlight some things that went very well, and some that proved more challenging. This is very much ‘chapter 1’ of the DevOps story at Callcredit, a work in progress, but already with some great learnings and achievements that should prove fascinating to anyone else taking or planning a similar trip.

We are then pleased to welcome a Case study presentation from Rob Tuley who is the Head of Core Technology at Sky Betting and Gaming. The technology team at SB&G has scaled from 20 to 200 over the last 4 years and traffic has scaled 100x over the same period. During this growth they’ve faced several difficult periods of service instability or poor delivery throughput, and reacted by experimenting with different roles, team and organisational structures. This presentation will cover how the concept of DevOps has helped in this journey, including mistakes made along the way, and touch on some of the other organisational changes, concepts and roles that have played their part in creating SB&G as it is today.

  • 1.45 Doors open - Refreshments & Networking
  • 2:15 BJSS Andrew Norman - DevOps: From Theory to Success.
  • 3.00 Refreshments & Networking
  • 3.30 Ian Watson: DevOps at Callcredit....a year nearer awesome
  • 4.15 Rob Tuley: Triumphs and Failures at Skybet
  • 5:00 Close

Andrew is a one of BJSS's Principal Architects, with over 20 years’ experience of leading small and large development teams on programmes with budgets ranging from limited to generous. He has developed applications for multiple business sectors, including financial, telecommunications, government and military agencies. He has been responsible for the design, development, maintenance and on-going evolution of products and bespoke applications.

Ian has over 20 years' experience in Software Engineering and joined the Callcredit Information Group in 2002 working on various products and team improvement roles during a period of rapid sustained growth. Ian has spent the last 12 months starting a true transformational piece moving to a DevOps culture and way of working.

After various roles in software engineering & architecture, Rob is now focused on the people, principles and culture of a modern technology-led organisation in his position as Head of Core Technology at Sky Betting and Gaming. Rob leads a team of individuals providing customer facing and internal shared services within SB&G: authentication, payments, native iOS/Android apps, data warehousing

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