Digital Forensics What You Should ask Your Expert

Tuesday 30 June 2015


  • 6.00pm Registration
  • 6.30pm Presentation
  • 7.30pm Networking Session

Specsavers, Forum 6, Solent Business Park, Fareham, Hampshire, PO15 7PA | Directions
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This is a joint event with the BCS Hampshire Branch, BCS IRMA, BCS ELITE, BCS Cybercrime Forensic SG and Specsavers.


  • John Mitchell, Managing Director, LHS Business Control, also Chair of BCS IRMA (Information Risk Management and Assurance) Specialist Group
  • Jennie Wright, Director of IT Digital, Specsavers


Event Details:
When dealing with digital forensics the focus is often on what is there. Although this is an important starting point the more astute analyst will then ask: how did it get there?; when did it get there?; did anyone know that it was there?

These three supplementary questions when linked with the first provide the four big questions that need to be answered. In a criminal case the very high hurdle of ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ must be surmounted, but even in civil cases where ‘balance of probability reigns, the answers to these questions may be difficult to quantify. This session will examine each question in turn and illustrate how proving the ‘when’ may be the key to success, or failure in proving a case.

Speaker Profiles:
Dr Mitchell is managing director of LHS Business Control, a consultancy which he founded in 1988 to specialise in corporate governance and risk management. He is an international authority on corporate governance, the control of computer systems, the investigation of computer crime and the impact of regulatory and compliance issues on the delivery of IT services. 

John has been an expert witness in a number of high profile UK criminal cases and he has featured in a major British computing publication as The IT Detective. He is a member of BCS Council, a member of the its Audit and Risk Committee and Chair of its Information Risk Management and Assurance specialist group. His doctorate in risk analysis techniques was awarded by City University, London, England. His MBA in financial control was awarded, with distinction, by Middlesex University, England.

Jennie has recently joined Specsavers as Director of IT Digital. She is an expert in the fields of Digital Transformation and Customer Experience. She has delivered multi-channel Digital Transformation programmes for BT and du Telecom in the Middle East. Jennie started her career as the founder of a digital agency in 1999 and then went on to work for both boutique agencies specialising in technology, finance and telecom clients (including FT, Microsoft and Lloyds) as well as the WPP network agency, Wunderman. Jennie is passionate about customer centricity and using customer insight and data to drive business and technology decisions.

Continuing Professional Development
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PDF Icon Digital Forensics What You Should ask Your Expert - John Mitchell

PDF Icon Digital Trends 2015 - Focus on Retail -  Jennie Wright, Director of IT Digital, Specsavers