Roger Marshall FBCS CITP

BCS President 2013/14
Presidential theme: Student engagement

Roger’s presidential year (2013-14) was one of considerable change for BCS.

The decision had been made in 2012 to separate out the BCS’s commercial activities into a separate company, BCS Learning and Development Ltd. The first year of trading for L&D took up a lot of Trustee Board’s time. During 2013-14 we also recruited new chief executives for L&D and the Institute.

The creation of L&D had resulted in a review of the structure of boards and committees reporting to Trustee Board. The result was to merge the Engineering and Science Board into the Academy while creating the Registration Standards Committee to manage, at arm’s length, the BCS professional qualifications which are also awarded by other bodies.

Roger’s presidential theme was Student Engagement and during the year BCS agreed funding to start a new engagement programme in universities. Among his most vivid memories were standing in (as Deputy) at the BCS dinner and presentation of Distinguished Fellow by the Duke of Kent to Warren East and Herman Hauser and chairing the BCS AGM when Trustees had to take the brickbats over what had happened in the early months of L&D.

Also during the year the Institute for Management Information Systems (IMIS) asked to be merged into BCS. We reached the 75,000 members milestone for the first time and secured funding from the Gatsby Foundation to develop the RITTech qualification. Major developments to the school computing curriculum in England were agreed, with associated programmes run by BCS and funded by government and industry.

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