HW Fisher & Company presentation

Beyond Processor Value Unit Licensing


Eric Chiu from Fisher IT Asset Consulting will present the second session and cover all the main IBM licensing key areas beyond PVU licensing:

  • Beyond PVU – licence management’s worst nightmare
  • The true face of Resource Value Unit
  • Top 5 IBM compliance risks beyond sub-capacity
  • IBM Mainframe – the uncharted waters of SAM
  • First insight with IBM Licence Management Options
  • A top-down, then bottom-up approach of IBM licence management process

About the speaker

Eric ChiuEric Chiu leads HW Fisher’s IT Asset Consulting practice (FIAC). Supported by a team of highly experienced IP Forensic Consultants, Eric shares his expertise in software licensing with his clients through various consulting and services engagements.

As a veteran of software licence compliance, Eric has experience in the design and management of Software Licence Compliance Programmes for many of the top-10 software publishers and has led hundreds of enterprise-level licence audits on their behalf.

In recent years his focus has been on advising enterprises over strategic and tactical matters in establishing and operating Software Asset Management (SAM) and has provided services to a wide-range of clients from SMEs to substantial enterprise clients. Eric’s blend of experience provides him with a unique perspective in SAM, which emphasizes efficiencies and high ROI on the journey of achieving compliance and optimised asset utilisation.

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