Building the Modern Workplace...Dare to be digital?

Thursday 7 July 2016

1.30pm - 5.00pm

The Library of Birmingham, Centenary Square, Broad Street, Birmingham, B1 2ND


Modern workers have grown up immersed in digital technology. As they join the workforce, they bring digital expectations. They demand the ability to work with smartphones, cloud computing, big data analytics and social media - in effect, a consumerised experience with enterprise information.

By integrating the technologies that modern workers use (from e-mail, instant messaging and enterprise social media tools to HR applications and virtual meeting tools), we can build a modern, digital workplace, one in which workers can easily get the information they need to perform their jobs with speed, efficiency and effectiveness, regardless of the information’s location, format or underlying technology.

Richard Edwards from Ovum will explore these issues in detail and will compare today’s end-user computing environments (and how we got here), with the end-user computing environment of the future.

We are then pleased to welcome case study presentations from firstly Mark Evans, who is the head of IT at Rider Levett Bucknall. Mark will talk about the lessons they have learned at RLB IT and how they have built on those to become an award winning team in the Modern Workplace space.

This will be followed by a presentation from Terry Solesbury who is the PDA & Mobility Portfolio Director at Royal Mail where for most employees, the great outdoors is the workplace. Terry will discuss how they are undertaking the biggest PDA transformation in Europe with a £130m investment, covering all aspects from service, suppliers, application, device, OS, development methodology and data into a postal workforce of 120k employees.

Marie Measures, who is the CIO at Coventry Building Society, will close the presentations by talking about what they are doing to create a modern workplace at CBS. Marie will share her first-hand experiences of using collaborative tools as a way to empower employees, whilst touching on the very real challenges she is facing to create a physical office to enable innovation.

  • 1.00pm Doors open - Refreshments & Networking
  • 1.30pm Richard Edwards from Ovum - Coming to a device near you: The enterprise digital workplace.
  • 2.15pm Mark Evans - Rider Levett Bucknall Case study...”Nailmakers: A cautionary tale from the West Midlands”.
  • 3.00pm Refreshments & Networking 3.30 Terry Solesbury - Royal Mail Case study.
  • 4.15pm Marie Measures - Coventry Building Society Case study.
  • 5:00pm Close   

About the speakers:

Richard is the principal research analyst at Ovum focusing on enterprise productivity, employee engagement, and the future of work. My mission is to make worklife better by helping people get things done more efficiently and effectively through the use of information and communication technologies.

Mark is the Head of IT at RLB. Mark has moved into a Hybrid Cloud environment as part of his “Zero Infrastructure” strategy. The aim of the strategy is to make RLB IT selfsufficient, with no need for any IT staff. Voted in the top 100 UK CIOs for 2016 by CIO Magazine and achieving an industry award for his “Zero Infrastructure” strategy, Mark now seeks to move RLB to a fully subscription-based IT service using SaaS for everything.

Terry is the Portfolio Director responsible for PDA and Mobile areas of the operational Royal Mail business. Terry was responsible for the introduction of hand held computing to the front line in 2007.  Having lead a multimillion pound PDA transformation, Royal mail now has the largest PDA estate in Europe. Terry is now turning his attention to the exploitation of the smart phone and other mobile platforms within the company.

Marie is the Chief Information Officer at the Coventry, the third largest building society in the UK. She has worked in IT for more than twenty years, with experience across a number of industries, the last 15 having been spent in financial services. Marie is leading an exciting multi-year transformation that will shape the future of the organisation; as such IT at the Coventry is growing significantly.’ 

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