Communication with a Future Business

Wednesday 24 August 2016, 6.30pm - 9.00pm

BCS, 1st Floor, The Davidson Building, 5 Southampton Street, London, WC2E 7HA | Maps

Free to attend for both BCS Members and non-members.

Simon Barton (Treasurer, BCS CMA)
Rick Chandler (Chair, BCS CMA)


Simon and Rick will provide an introduction of the BCS CMA Specialist Group and an overview of new communications technologies and how they might be used for future business. 5G, IoT, Smart Cities, cloud computing, Autonomous Vehicles, remote medicine, 360 VR, Etc. All have differing Communications needs. This will present some challenges to businesses and the UK infrastructure they run on. We shall look at some of the options.

About the speakers:

Simon Barton (Treasurer, BCS CMA)

Simon BartonSimon is the Treasurer for the BCS CMA, Communications Management Association Specialist Group.

Over twenty years of experience with the Metropolitan Police Service, including the implementation of the communications system for 999 calls, the design and roll-out of a single converged voice and data networks, heading Technology Strategy, developing the national cyber-infrastructure training package for Police Security Co-ordinators, Criminal Justice Senior User for the Home Office PSN-P delivery, and on the National PSN Programme Board. Silver Cyber-commander for the US State Visit in 2012 working alongside the first deployment of the USSS Critical Infrastructure team outside of the US addressing the Security Threats from network connected services and devices.

Now working as a Senior Consultant for Trusted Management Ltd, a specialist Information Assurance and Security Consultancy advising on security issues around a range of systems within UK Businesses.

Rick Chandler (Chair, BCS CMA)

Rick ChandlerRick is the Chair for the BCS CMA, Communications Management Association Specialist Group.

Rick has over 35 years broad experience in both the Vendor and User sides of the IT and Telecommunications Industry where he has held Board level positions in several national companies.

He also worked as a consultant in National and Regional Government e.g. on Home Office Infrastructure Development Board, some departments of the DTI and as IT Integration Manager for Berkshire County Council. He was also co-opted to the UK Government advisory panels for ID Cards.

In the 1970’s as a young Marconi engineer in the Aerospace industry Rick worked on the first secure Digital Wireless technology for Military customers and has had a particular interest in mobile working since then. In 1984 as Technical Director for the UK’s largest PC Retail chain he was asked to give the keynote at the first UK conference on Mobile Computing. The research he did for that has been a mainstay of his career and the vision still holds good today as the effect of mobility on lifestyle as well as business vastly exceeds those early expectations.

Rick joined his last employer, BT, in 2000 to lead a team building the Genie platform for BT Cellnet (now O2) and while maintaining his Wireless and Mobility specialism expanded into Security through various roles with the company. He left BT in July 2011 to resume his consultancy activity.

He is on the board of EEMA. He is also a Member of the Chartered Institute of Management and several Industry associations. He is a regular conference speaker and judge of international awards which continues to maintain his breadth of industry awareness.