IT Strategy - New adventures in DevOps

Thursday 8 December 2016

1.00pm - 5.00pm

Park Plaza Hotel, Boar Lane, City Square, Leeds, LS1 5NS


It's a fact: DevOps and cloud are joined at the hip and as such, it's easy to attribute the rise of DevOps directly to the rise of cloud computing. After all, cloud computing also assumes continuously updated applications and infrastructure. Thus, many enterprises are looking at DevOps as the path to their cloud strategy.

When it comes to implementing DevOps in concert with the cloud, there are many factors to consider....

Leading consultancy Infinity Works will talk about this in more detail, whilst sharing some real life stories on the challenges of migrating to the Cloud and the new DevOps toolsets being used for delivery of products and services on the Cloud.

We are then pleased to welcome three case study presentations, firstly from Paul Houghton who is the Technology Delivery Manager at NHS Digital. Paul will be describing the trials and tribulations of moving a heavily waterfall organisation toward Agile and DevOps methodology. He will be describing where NHS Choices has come from, where it has ended up and how they are looking at resetting the programme now that it is part of one of the domains for paperless 2020.

This will be followed by a presentation from Alex Stanhope who is the lead Technical Architect at DWP. Alex will examine what Sprint 0 looks like for DevOps adoption and how small steps towards an uber-integrated vision can create tangible return on investment, fast.

The final presentation will come from Jonny Wooldridge, Director of Development & Operations of EE. Over the past couple of years, EE have put in place some great foundations by embracing Cloud, APIs and Infrastructure Automation. Jonny will talk about how he will be utilising these at the core of his strategy to take EE to the next level of business agility - embedding a DevOps culture throughout his growing team.

  • 1.00 Doors open - Refreshments & Networking
  • 1:30 Paul Henshaw from Infinity Works – “New adventures in DevOps”
  • 2.15 Paul Houghton from NHS Digital “Sharding the Monolith and other adventures”
  • 3.00 Refreshments & Networking
  • 3.30 Alex Stanhope from DWP “Running before you can DevOperate”
  • 4.15 Jonny Wooldridge from EE “Digital Transformation and the DevOps Do’s and Don’ts in large enterprises”.
  • 5:00 Close

About the speakers:

Paul is a director at Infinity Works consulting, who provide leading edge software and project delivery, with extensive experience within public and private sectors covering Finance, Telcos, Health and entertainment. Their achievements include ground-breaking agile delivery projects for NHS HSCIC, the Home Office, Sky Bet and Hitachi Capital.

Paul has been working on NHS Choices for over 6 years and is now responsible for the day to day technical operations of making sure millions of users a month get the health & wellbeing information that they need. Paul is involved with many projects at NHS Digital including: the evolution of deployments from thick stacks of paper release notes to automated deployments, Continuous Integration, the move from data centre to cloud, waterfall to agile, monolithic application to micro services, and departmental silos to cross functional delivery teams and DevOps.

Alex started his career with IBM and has since worked in an array of large and small companies from KPMG to XMOS Semiconductor and Bridgeman Images. Alex was responsible for a £15m investment programme at Innovate UK, co-authored the UK's Technology Strategy for the Creative Industries and has founded 4 start-ups. At DWP he currently looks after a small team of architects and engineers working on Personal Independence Payment and Secure Comms.

Jonny is Director of Development & Operations of EE. Being early to realise the incredible benefits that DevOps and software engineering excellence more generally can bring, he has successfully used this at the core of digital transformations in small and large enterprises a like. His experiences at, Opodo, Photobox, M&S and more recently as CTO of The Cambridge Satchel Company are now being put to use at EE as they embark on a new and exciting chapter.

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