An IoT Workshop: Truth or Consequences

Monday 28 November 2016, 5.00pm - 9.00pm

BCS, 1st Floor, The Davidson Building, 5 Southampton Street, London, WC2E 7HA | Maps

Free to BCS and non-BCS members, by booking only.


  • 5.00pm - 6.00pm - NodeRED Setup Surgery (breakout area)
  • 6:00pm - 7:30pm - Workshop
  • 7:30pm - 8:15pm - Panel session
  • 8.15pm - 9.00pm - Refreshment and networking

About this workshop:

We will look at some of the Truth of how the Internet of Things is being built - and the Consequences of making those architectural decisions.

You will have the opportunity to experiment with the Node-RED "visual wiring tool for the IoT" and to discuss the alternatives.

Quoting a Wikipedia 'truth':
The premise of the original 1950s "Truth or Consequences" radio show was to mix the original quiz element of game shows with wacky stunts. You can create some of your own "wacky stunts" using Node-RED.

As for the quiz element:

We will have several discussion subjects of key IoT issues distributed around the room for you to read and hopefully for all participants to unite in imagining new ways forward for the IoT.

This is not a lecture. And it is not a test. Even with your Node-RED experiments you are encouraged to go as far as you can in your own direction. If you wish, you can do that before the Workshop and challenge our understandings and thinking at the event.


  • Bring your computing platform of choice with you. This could be a plain-vanilla PC, a Linux box, a Mac or a Raspberry Pi or something more "differentiated"
  • Before the day head over to:
  • Make sure you have got Node.js installed.
  • In a terminal, get node-red running... Then open a browser and point it at the new server to show node-red working.
  • Additionally, you could go to the "Getting Started" link at and use the examples to create your first "flow" - and maybe your second. Luckily nobody will be able to "reverse" that second flow to disrupt the National Grid rather than just monitoring it...

About the workshop leaders:

Nick O'Leary, Emerging Technology Specialist, IBM UK
Nick O'LearyNick is an Emerging Technology Specialist at IBM where he gets to do interesting things with interesting technologies and also play with toys.

He has a focus on IoT technology areas, having worked on projects ranging from smart meter energy monitoring to retrofitting sensors to industrial manufacturing lines with Raspberry Pis and Arduinos.

With a background in pervasive messaging, he is a contributor to the Eclipse Paho project and sits on the OASIS MQTT Technical Committee. He is the creator of Node-RED, an open source tool for wiring the Internet of Things.

Dave Conway-JonesDave Conway-Jones, Senior Inventor, Emerging Technology, IBM UK
Dave Conway-Jones has been working as part of the IBM Hursley Emerging Technology Services team as a Senior Inventor and Embedded Technology consultant for over 15 years.

He is the co-inventor of Node-RED - an easy to use, small footprint integration tool - that is being used to help wire up the Internet of Things. Opensourced on Github and now part of Bluemix it has been used by many people both inside and outside of IBM to build proof of concepts quickly and demonstrate how to integrate "things" into many enterprise and cloud solutions.

His most recent experiments have been around using Machine Learning for object detection and classification from multi-spectral images, and aiming to use IBM's Truenorth low power neuro-synaptic chip technology as the runtime for the resulting models.

His most recent experience has been as Lead Engineer on IBM's contribution to the UK Land Open Systems Architecture (LOSA) program - with a special interest in the Common Open Infrastructure for Land (COIL). As part of that he has implemented several novel techniques to minimise data traffic in constrained network environments.

He is also engaged on various customer projects mainly based around low power radio technologies and low level massaging protocols. He is building customer prototypes for wireless and sensor solutions that use technologies such as LORA, Zigee, Rfid, Embedded Linux, Node.js, Bluetooth, Wireless LAN, GSM, as well as other less well known radio types. Recent Customers include the ITA, MoD, DoD and some large utility companies, working on solutions around smart infrastructure for vehicles, smart metering for utilities, and the systems on and around them.

Kevin Turner, Developer Advocacy Leader for the IBM Watson 'Internet of Things' (IoT) Business Unit
Kevin is a Professional Engineer by training and has worked in a variety of technical and leadership roles in IBM during his 27 years in the IT Industry, spanning hardware and software development, business consultancy, solution and enterprise architecture and most recently, technical and innovation strategy in the emerging technology landscape.

Kevin is currently the Developer Advocacy Leader for the IBM Watson 'Internet of Things' (IoT) Business Unit and works extensively with innovators and early-adopters from a broad range of 'software developer' communities and ecosystems spanning all industries to help them rapidly and successfully innovate within the context of the IoT, ensuring the 'art of innovation' is fully grounded in the 'art of the possible today' and then channelling the experience gained through building IoT solutions back into the software and hardware development teams within IBM and its ecosystem of partners, with the ultimate goal of growing and expediting the realisation of the emerging market opportunity that is the 'Internet of Things' for the benefit of the whole industry and society in general.

About the speaker:

Professor Jon Howes, IoT & Security Strategist, NEuW Limited
Jon HowesJon Howes is a contributor to a series of update and insight sessions for IoT understanding, debates on IoT impact and especially exploration of IoT career pathways with the Young Professionals Group (YPG).

Jon is an independent advisor to a range of leading IoT innovators in the UK and internationally. His board advisory roles from his NEuW consulting base include Video Turnstile Ltd, Hiving Technology and the IoT Security Foundation.

He has delivered results in product management and market engagement for many high growth start-ups since 1993. He also applied his IoT and security knowledge in the role of Technology Director for leading IoT market consultancy Beecham Research in the four years up to 2015.

Leading R&D and marketing activities with Fujitsu and Ferranti in the preceding years, Jon helped launch many types of products including some of the first GSM cellular solutions. He combines a strong technical background particularly in wireless, semiconductor and security technologies with deep market knowledge of IoT-related sectors.