Rules of submission

The submission should be made by the author's examiners or by the head of department with the examiners’ advice. The submitted version of the dissertation must be the final version after any required corrections have been made.

The submission should be in the form of a single PDF file and should include:

  • a URL from which the dissertation itself can be downloaded (the submission should not be the dissertation itself)
  • a justification, of about 300 words, by one of the examiners - preferably external - explaining the dissertation's claim to distinction (considering the criteria listed above)
  • the name of the primary supervisor and the research group within the university to which the student has been primarily affiliated
  • an assurance that within the competition period the examiners have recommended to the author's institution that a doctorate should be awarded
  • an indication of whether the dissertation is being considered for publication elsewhere
  • the names and contact details of three suggested reviewers, who must all have confirmed that they are willing to provide a review.

Reviewers must be independent of the supervision and examination of the thesis and must not have a conflict of interest with either the author or the supervisor. In particular, reviewers must not be situated in the same department from which the nominated thesis hails, nor must they be recent co-authors of the author or supervisor.

The author's written agreement that their thesis may be considered for the Distinguished Dissertation competition should be emailed by the author to

Submissions should be made online via

The first author name submitted should be that of the thesis author; the individual submitting the nomination should list themselves as the second author. The title and abstract should be those of the thesis being nominated.

If any problems are experienced or you have any questions, please email for assistance.