Micro Services

Wednesday 12 July 2017, 19:30 - 21:00

UTC Reading, Crescent Road, East Reading, RG1 5RQ

Ron Arias, Senior Software Engineer, Qmee

This is a public event

Ron AriasBCS Berkshire presents a talk by Ron Arias (Senior Software Engineer, Qmee) on micro-services. Ron will explain how he and his team stream events for optimal performance and negligible wait times. The information can be applied to in-house enterprise applications as well as customer facing applications such as online shopping. He will explain the architectures and some of the languages that are best suited for the job, for example Ruby, Elixir & node.js.

Qmee is an online shopping companion that helps shoppers search for what they want, compare prices, secure discounts and offer their opinions while earning cash. The Qmee team consists of seasoned entrepreneurs, technologists and marketers who are passionate about building a platform that connects consumers with the brands they love.

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