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 Your IT work experience

We define relevant IT work experience as being professionally engaged in any aspect of building, maintaining, managing or operating IT, or teaching / training related to this activity - on a full-time basis.

Teachers / trainers, you will need to be teaching IT or computing at HND level or above - please provide full details in your CV.

Sales professionals, please provide full details of your IT experience in your CV - knowledge of office applications such as Excel, Word or PowerPoint is not accepted as relevant IT work experience.

Use this information as a guide; we will assess your application in full when we receive it.

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  Your CV

Your CV needs to show clear, detailed evidence of your job role(s) and relevant tasks and responsibilities. This should include:

  • how you build, maintain and configure technology
  • IT-specific tools you use and how they’re incorporated in your role
  • IT programmes you use e.g. JavaScript, Oracle etc.

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  Your supporter

Please provide the details of an employer, colleague or client who can comment on your competence and experience to support your application.

Your supporter(s) must be working at the same level as you or above, and should be sufficiently familiar with your work to have a reliable opinion of your performance at work.

You’ll need your supporter’s permission before providing their details.

Relatives may not act as your supporters.