2018 events

Past events held by Newcastle-Upon-Tyne & District Branch in 2018.

Date Event Title Speaker
13 Dec 2018
Building a secure development program (and culture) Mike Goodwin
7 Nov 2018
Video over IP and Harman SVS Antony Price & Matthew Short
23 October 2018
From employee to employer in cyber security David Horn - Cyberwhite
28 June 2018
Tracking and Regulating Online Pornography: challenges and opportunities Professor Clare McGlynn & Dr Fiona Vera-Gray
30 April 2018
Disrupting Stuff David Clark - Northern Gas Networks (NGN)
13 March 2018
Things Connected - Low Powered Wide Area Network as an Example Peter Karney - Digital Catapult
19 February 2018
The anatomy of a cyber-attack: why successful breaches do not have to be perceived as inevitable Steve Carr - Palo Alto Networks