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Financial Times (FT)

FT logo The FT-IT Review is published every other Wednesday with the Financial Times, and on the web at, where it is part of the FT.Com subscription package.

Offline and online, it aims to provide authoritative, comprehensive coverage of IT and telecoms from a practical standpoint, focusing on how technology is being used by enterprises and by individuals. So it can range from "heavyweight" enterprise IT issues such as "data Storage" to more personal technology such as 3G phones.

The readership has a higher proportion of CIOs than the daily paper as a whole but the coverage is not aimed exclusively at this group - nor is it pitched at a level that any FT reader interested in IT would fail to understand or appreciate.

FT-IT is one of the flagships of the FT’s Reports department, which publishes some 200 special sections each year on a wide range of subjects.