B2B and B2C supporting organization


eema logo For 17 years, eema has been Europe's leading independent, non-profit e-Business association, working with its European members, governmental bodies, standards organizations and e-Business initiatives throughout Europe to further e-Business technology and legislation.

eema's remit is to educate and inform around 200 Member organizations (and over 1,500 Member contacts) on the latest developments and technologies, at the same time enabling Members of the association to compare views and ideas.

The work produced by the association with its Members (projects, papers, seminars, tutorials and reports etc) is funded by both membership subscriptions and revenue generated through fee-paying events.

All of the information generated by eema and its members is available to other members free of charge. Visit www.eema.org for more information or contact the association on +44 1386 793028 or at info@eema.org.