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dm Magazine logo Document and content management is no longer just about scanning forms or correspondence and passing the resulting images into a storage sub-system. There are success stories in every industry sector of genuine business benefits and real ROI achieved.

Combining elements of capture, recognition, indexing, workflow, and business process management has made electronic document management a technology solution that, properly planned and implemented, can deliver quantifiable process and business improvements to organizations of any size.

Such solutions are now having a dramatic impact in enhancing internal business efficiencies and customer service. Data quality is improved, compliance assured and costs reduced by making sure that up-to-date information is easily accessible by the right people.

For fourteen years now, Document Manager magazine has been the only independent source of information on this fast-moving sector: from product reviews to interviews with the industry leading visionaries, from technology primers to case studies from a wide variety of vertical markets, we offer an unrivalled breadth and depth of coverage that keeps us at the top of our subscribers "must-read" list.

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