BBC covers BCS President on industry crisis

17 November 2006

Nigel Shadbolt The damaging impact that the IT skills crisis is likely to have on the UK economy was highlighted by BCS President Nigel Shadbolt in an interview with the BBC.

'If we're not careful, the UK is going to lose its pre-eminent position as a knowledge-based economy,' he said in his first major publicity since taking over as BCS President on 1 November.

Data released by Nigel shows that in the past four years the number of students studying IT and computing has fallen by a third while employers' demand for IT skills has doubled, according to the article on the BBC website.

This shortfall of students could result in IT jobs being lost to countries such as China and India, which Nigel believes are better equipping younger generations with good technology skills.

As a result, many other UK industries that rely on competent IT specialists would suffer. Steps must therefore be taken now to ensure a skilled supply of graduates in the future, urged Nigel.

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