International Ada Lovelace Day

When: 10th Oct 2017, 17:30 - 10th Oct 2017, 21:00
Where: The Palmerston Lecture Theatre, Spark Building, Southampton Solent University, East Park Terrace, Southampton, SO14 0RD
Town/City: Southampton
Organiser: Joint BCS Hampshire Branch, BCSWomen SG, LeanIn Southern, Digital Women, BCS Animation and Games Development SG and Southampton Solent University
Price: Free
Further Information: Further Information

This event will be a joint event with the BCS Hampshire Branch, BCSWomen SG, LeanIn Southern, Digital Women, BCS Animation and Games Development SG and Southampton Solent University.

Layla Gordon, Nicola Goodwyn, and Charlotte Meharry-King


A Game A Day presented by Charlotte Meharry-King

Gamification is the process of making things more enjoyable using elements of games. Using a little bit of the science behind it we can apply this to goals, targets and everyday tasks. Developers have been using this for years to make successful and popular apps - but it’s simple enough we can do a little every day.

About the speakers:

Layla Gordon will be speaking about her work in mixed reality for the city verve project, and the project she is leading, called ultimate reality and looks at both aAr and VR. Layla is a Tech Labs Engineer from Ordnance Survey. She has previously been in OS Mobile team creating the award winner OSLocate app and previous to that a research scientist in OS for over 10 years researching Saliency-based UAV navigation, Machine Vision in Change Intelligence, Automatic Sign Detection from road videos in Real-Time and a New Scientist article on first Augmented mapping app called MapSnapper back in 2004.

She also prototyped OS’s first indoor navigation mobile app called Digital Shoreditch using iBeacon technology for localisation of users indoor with no GPS or Wi-Fi assistance using trilateration and Estimote Beacons, and currently developing POC projects for augmenting indoor spaces with digital information and ambient intelligence with responsive sensors to help patients and staff within a hospital scenario

Nicola Goodwyn is a Technical Consultant, in the area of Business Change and Innovation, Ordnance Survey. She will be speaking about her experience of leading on Innovative Data Capture and Feature Extraction for CityVerve- a Smart Cities IoT project in Manchester.

Her current focus at OS is on researching and assessing future technology, such as cutting-edge data capture methods, 3D point cloud and mesh modelling, UAV technology and its uses for 5G and CAV, by demonstrating proof of concept to the business. She also provides innovative solutions to business problems by leading AGILE projects in FME, Apex, Oracle SQL Developer and other software.

Charlotte Meharry-King is a software engineer from Ordnance Survey who has been working on a project to produce the most complete and detailed navigable network of Britain, featuring data on roads, paths and ferries from multiple data sources. She got interested in software engineering as a result for her interest in games and a curiosity for patterns in data.