AGM followed by talk: Computing Higher Resolution Healthcare

When: 28th Sep 2017, 18:00 - 28th Sep 2017, 21:00
Where: Manchester Conference Centre and Pendulum Hotel, Sackville Street, Manchester, M1 3BB
Town/City: Manchester
Organiser: BCS Health Northern Specialist Group
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Speaker: Professor Iain Buchan, Clinical Professor in Public Health Informatics, The University of Manchester


The quest to harness “big data” for better healthcare is driving new computational approaches to health data, blurring the boundaries between research and direct care. Precision medicine for example, seeks actionable biomarkers of disease mechanisms. This approach is useful if the mechanisms uncovered explain a large proportion of the variation in clinical outcomes. Commonly, however, real-world variation in outcomes involves many mechanisms, biomarkers and phenomarkers – some known, some yet to be known, and some unlikely to be known. Informaticians therefore seek to build computational approaches from the ‘middle out’, linking ‘bottom up’ computational biology with ‘top down’ (clinical) epidemiology. Professor Buchan will give examples of where machine learning approaches have improved the discovery of new disease sub-types that might be treated in more precise ways. He will show how similar approaches could be used with clinical records to better characterise patient journeys for better targeted care. Looking toward a future of more predictive analytics around personal health information, Professor Buchan will consider the point at which an individual’s health ‘avatar’ might say “no” to a healthcare provider’s ‘one size fits all’ care pathway, and how health systems might adopt enterprise architectures that allow for patient-centred healthcare supply chains. He will argue that current ‘low resolution’ healthcare maximises information utility for episodes of care, and that future data-intensive health systems could offer ‘high resolution’ approaches that focus on patient trajectories, supporting: more timely, preventive and tailored interventions; and continuous experimentation/adaptivity/learning.

This talk will appeal to researchers and professionals in health informatics and health data science; clinical information officers; health data analysts; public health professionals; and clinical system engineers.

The Speaker

Iain Buchan is Professor in Public Health Informatics and leads the Centre for Health Informatics at the University of Manchester, where he also leads Civic Informatics across the University and Greater Manchester Combined Authority, and directs the Domain of Population Health in the Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health. Nationally, he directs the MRC Health eResearch Centre of the UK’s Farr Institute for Health Informatics Research and originated the Connected Health Cities UK network of learning health systems. He holds qualifications in Clinical Medicine, Pharmacology, Biostatistics, Public Health and Health Informatics, and leads a multi-disciplinary team developing and applying health data science methodology. He also writes software (e.g. Internationally, he is a Fellow of the American College of Medical Informatics and works through international networks towards toward a future of more globally interoperable modelling with large-scale health data – for discovery science, for actionable analytics in health systems, and for citizen-driven healthcare.

Parking: Please use metered parking bays or Charles Street multi-storey car park @ £2.00 from 4.00pm to midnight

Refreshments at 6:00 pm, AGM for BCS Members at 6.30 (non-members may continue to network and will continue to have access to the refreshments, Talk 7:00 pm