Airport trials RFID security


Manchester Airport has conducted a six-month trial into the viability of using radio frequency identification (RFID) tags to track the movements of 50,000 volunteers.

The Telegraph reports that the tags could help to minimise delays at airports by tracking down missing passengers and allowing flights to leave on time.

It is expected that if the scheme gets the go-ahead to operate full-time at Manchester Airport, the tags will be used on boarding passes.

A number of other airports could also see similar programmes being rolled out as a result of the trial.

'[The scheme] is intended to make sure that everybody gets to the flight in time. Delays are costing the industry £100 million a year,' commented Dr Paul Brennan of University College London.

RFID tags can be attached to people and animals in addition to inanimate objects and are currently being used in passports and airport baggage systems around the world.