Artificial Intelligence for Games

Ian Millington 

Publisher Morgan Kaufmann
ISBN 978-0-12-497782-2
RRP £39.99
Reviewed by Elias Pimenidis MBCS
Score 9 out of 10

Artificial Intelligence for Games Artificial intelligence (AI) and computer games are nowadays two inseparable concepts. Books that cover both the practical and the theoretical aspects of AI in games development are extremely valuable to those on games development courses and even those that are actively involved in the computer games industry.

This book caters for the needs of both of these types of readers. Written by a very experienced professional in simple language, the book comprises very well structured text divided in suitable chapters.

Could be read through by the novice games developer or even games enthusiasts and the experienced developer alike causing the same feelings of satisfaction of having learned something new in every chapter.

Starting off from the basics of AI, the author proceeds to define the role of AI in games development and key terminology before he eventually leads the reader to more advanced topics of using AI in achieving enhanced gaming experiences.

Every chapter includes examples from the professional games development world and / or appropriate C++ code, also available on the accompanying CD.

It is a very thorough book but surprisingly easy to read and follow through. In this sense it is very useful to professionals and students alike, who are finding themselves often short of time and patience to read books.

It is reasonably priced making it excellent value for money and should be part of every serious game developer's or games enthusiast's library.

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