Website Management

Geoff Elliott

Publisher Lexden publishing
ISBN 978-1-904995-21-0
RRP £12.00
Reviewed by Alan Pollard FBCS CITP VP member services
Score 9 out of 10

Website Management This is an extremely informative and comprehensive book all about websites, web authoring and servers, site design, web applications and accessibility. Oddly, it doesn't actually say a lot about website management but that probably says more about my hitherto knowledge about the subject.

Laid out in easy to follow chapters, each with a series of exercises for recap, the book covers all the topics in depth and provides links for further reading and study.

I would not recommend this book for the complete beginner. It necessarily has to assume quite a lot of prior knowledge about programming conventions, HTML, networking and server technology. However, for those with a reasonable understanding of these topics, it fills a much needed gap in the library. The introduction does point this out and targets the book at those studying websites as part of a course.

A couple of the chapters are worthy of special mention. Those on servers and networks are the most detailed in the book and provide a very good understanding of the basics. The chapters on accessibility and usability give some useful pointers to improvement of site layout and content.

At £12 this book is excellent value for money and would easily repay the investment.