Radical Steps/Radical Strides

A series of think tanks conducted strictly under Chatham House rules.

Connecting for Health (previously the National Programme for IT) is perhaps the most ambitious attempt at technology based organisational change ever attempted.

Many of the aspirations have never been fulfilled on this scale anywhere in the world and some are completely untested. There are, in consequence, areas of significant risk that all steps should be taken to minimize.

The Forum hosts macro-level think tanks to identify successful elements and stress points in the current plans. Those participating address the topics in workshop sessions of their choice with identified rapporteurs documenting the discussion.

The rapportage is circulated for 'sign off' by participants in each particular group. Thereafter the notes are processed and circulated more widely for further consultation.

A position paper and detailed summaries of views on each topic follow.

Radical Strides - July 05

 PDF fileRadical Steps Position Statement - Nov 2004 (68 kb)


PDF fileRadical Steps - Feb 2004 (94 kb)

PDF fileRadical Steps - Jul 2003 (151 kb)
PDF fileRadical Steps - Jul 2002 (143 kb)