A+, Network+, Security+ Exams in a Nutshell

Pawan K. Bhardwaj

Publisher O'Reilly
ISBN 9780596528249
RRP £38.95
Reviewed by Mehmet Hurer MBCS CITP CEng AIISP
Score 9 out of 10

A+, Network+, Security+ Exams in a Nutshell This book prepares you for the examinations leading to the CompTIA certification in A+ (PC support), Network+ and Security+.

As the introduction states, this book is not intended to provide a complete study guide or replace the recommended level of practical experience necessary for passing the exams leading to the certifications; this is best done via the full training books (500-700 pages for each certification) and/or structured training courses, as well as the recommended level of practical experience. This book is intended to provide you with final review just before taking the exam.

The book is presented in a logical manner, with effectively three books in one (i.e. one section per certification). The format is the same for each of the certifications.

The introduction section for each certification states the percentage coverage of the various domains within the exam to give you a good idea of areas to concentrate on. This is followed by a bulleted list of the main topics to be covered against each domain, providing a useful checklist to test your knowledge.

The body of the book covers the main topics in detail, yet still in the style of study notes i.e. very clear bulleted lists or statements.

Where appropriate, a limited number of screen shots and command lines are presented to reinforce the key points. The last section is a summary of the key points presented. Finally this is all brought together with a sample exam of 40 multiple choice questions (presented with answers).

A real test of your readiness for the exam is not just being able to answer the correct questions, but also being able to understand the other incorrect answers and being able to explain why they are incorrect.

My only criticism of the book is a lack of examinations online or on a CD to accompany to book. I often find the most useful preparation for an examination is to test yourself using as many sample examinations as possible, preferably using a large and random set of questions.

With this book the tendency may be to test yourself only against the 40 sample questions, giving the false impression that having mastered the 40 questions you are ready for the examination.

After completing the exams, the book should also provide a good reference guide.

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