Global Services - Moving to a Level Playing Field

Mark Kobayashi-Hillary & Dr Richard Sykes

Publisher BCS
ISBN 978-1-902505-83-1
RRP £29.95
Reviewed by Alan Pollard FBCS CITP
Score 10 out of 10

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Global Services: Moving to Level Playing Field book cover This book easily maintains the BCS track record for producing high quality, well-researched and extremely readable publications about our industry. It is a tour de force by two highly-respected and widely-experienced practitioners.

The book traces the development of the globalisation of services, charting that progress alongside the evolution and capability of the technology itself and demonstrating that new business models continue to emerge as the technological capability and global connectivity expand.

What is possible today was probably not even dreamt of 30 years ago. How safely, therefore, can we predict what tomorrow will bring?

Yet to succeed in IT, at both the individual and national levels, we have to adapt to the changing world and be ready for the next tilt of the global playing field so that we can respond with services and capabilities that meet emerging needs.

Pressing steadfastly through the doom and gloom that forecasts the loss of jobs through outsourcing to third world and far eastern suppliers, the authors examine the innate professional skills and national traits that are the building blocks of the UK and attempt to match these to tomorrow's requirements.

Coupled with the trend for knowledge and information to be ubiquitous, for service delivery to be independent of technology and geography and for continuous improvement in the quality of delivered capability to be a universal objective, Mark and Richard identify two key factors that will underpin the global IT and business world of tomorrow. These are assurance and professionalism.

The weaving together of a range of IT and business services, enabled by technology, but sourced globally, demands processes, mechanisms and models that can meet the stringent regulatory and business demands of today to a level of reliability and trust that we have not enjoyed before.

It is therefore the management (the weaving together) of services, coupled with a detailed understanding of the user's business and people, that will make the difference between leaders and 'also rans' on the global business playing field.

Mark and Richard maintain that the UK is almost unique in possessing the right blend of skills that will enable globally sourced services to be delivered to businesses, in a multi-cultural world, with the stamp of professionalism and assurance running through them.

Our people skills, business acumen, understanding of technology, creativity and innovative approach to business offer us the prospect of being able to level and succeed on the globalisation playing field. Tremendous food for thought.

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