Network Warrior

Gary A. Donahue

Publisher O'Reilly
ISBN 9780596101510,
RRP £31.99
Reviewed by Uma Kanagaratnam
Score 10 out of 10

Network Warrior This book is a step by step practical introduction to network architecture. It is suitable for beginners through to advance professionals of networking.

The book focuses on Cisco equipment. The author discusses the various mistakes and problems he had encountered, which means all examples are related to real scenarios. This make the book stand out, and gives it an added edge as it also highlights the effects and consequences of doing things incorrectly.

'Network Warrior' is written at a pace that makes it easy to understand and in a simple style. The author has meticulously planned his chapters. In each chapter, he takes to provide basic introductions before going deeper into the subject. The diagrams used enhance the explanations provided.

The book covers various sections and draws attention to the best practices and focuses on the administration of the equipment. The small section on the behaviour traits and personalities of the IT professional rings very true and is amusing.

The book is informative and a valuable source of reference. In summary, a highly good book. 

Further information: O'Reilly